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Clinic Registration Opens November, 2017

National & Advancement Referee Clinics

Attend a National and Advancement Referee Clinic to enhance your refereeing skills and improve your performance in every match you officiate.

The National Referee Clinic is an in-depth clinic designed specifically for USAV National and Junior National referees. All national-level referees must attend the National Referee Clinic every season. Once per certification term, a national-level referee may attend the online clinic. For other referees, it is a great add-on to the region training, the Advancement Referee Clinic, and other materials viewed on or in the Academy.

The Advancement Referee Clinic is designed to both bolster the knowledge of veteran referees and compliment the training of new referees.

Registration for 2016-17 Referee Clinics begins in Novemeber, 2017.

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