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USA Volleyball & SafeSport

The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has a ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct. This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but is not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches and parents.

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Critical information to help keep every program safe: Everyone will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. This SafeSport online training program teaches the nature of misconduct in sport: how to recognize it, how to prevent it and how to take action.

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Recognizing misconduct in sport is critical; implementing the right policies and communicating them to all members of the sport community is the next challenge. While every situation is different, you don’t need to start from scratch.

When everyone - clubs, coaches, staff and parents - understands his/her role, we can work as a team to protect athletes and create the best conditions for sport.

Safer for Everyone

We all have a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe―for everyone involved.


When coaches are engaged and proactive, athletes and teams perform at higher levels. The relationship between coach and athlete can have a tremendous impact for all involved. READ MORE


Sport can help you learn how to work hard and make new friends. Practice and competition, as well as winning and losing, can build character and teach valuable lessons. READ MORE


Selecting the right sport and club for your child is about more than athletic development or playing time. Learn about a club’s reputation and its policies to protect all athletes. READ MORE


Regions have a range of responsibilities: strengthen sport, extend opportunities to participate, and instill the values of fair play, respect and hard work for everyone involved. READ MORE


In addition to info for coaches, athletes, parents and regions, here are other materials that can help any interested person help create healthy settings for all involved in the sport. READ MORE


USA Volleyball requires the reporting of sexual misconduct by or of any member and strongly encourages reporting of any concerns related to SafeSport. REPORT ABUSE

USA Volleyball SafeSport
Report Abuse

Reporting Abuse

Please note that there are a number of options and requirements to report abuse.

Report to law enforcement immediately if you are aware of abuse. If abuse includes sexual misconduct report to both law enforcement and the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Click here for a list (by state) of where to report.

Click here to report to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

For any other forms of misconduct including: physical misconduct, emotional misconduct, bullying, hazing, and or harassment report to USA Volleyball. Call 1-855-306-7775 or complete the form below to report abuse..

By submitting the form below, you are giving permission to USA Volleyball's SafeSport Program staff to contact you. Your report will be sent to the appropriate region for review and action. Although USA Volleyball accepts anonymous reporting be aware that doing so limits the ability to investigate and respond.

Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly making a false or malicious report will not be tolerated and may be a violation of USA Volleyball's Code of Conduct.

Call 1-855-306-7775 or complete the form below to report abuse

Report Abuse Form

1. Person Being Reported

Provide as much information as possible about the person you are reporting.

First Name:*

Last Name:*

Age or Approximate Age:


Club Affiliation (or none):*

Position(s) this individual holds or held:*

2. Alleged Offense Information

Provide as much specific information as you are able.

Type of Offense (select all that apply):*

Location that the incident(s) took place. Enter unknown or city, state, specific location:*

Date(s) of Alleged Offense:

Description of Alleged Offense (include as much detail as possible):*

Knowledge of victim(s) involved in the alleged offense:

3. Victim or Victims

If you are the victim and wish to remain anonymous, you may do so. In that case, please enter your name as Anonymous. You may also be unaware of who the victim is. In that case, please enter Unknown.

First Name:*

Last Name:*

Age or Approximate Age:


Club Affiliation (or none):

Additional Information:

4. Additional Victims

Fill this section out if additional victims are involved.

First Name:

Last Name:

Age or Approximate Age:


Club Affiliation (or none):

Additional Information:

5. Individual(s) Who May Have Additional Information

List anyone who may be able to provide additional information regarding the alleged offense. We will not identify you when we contact these individuals.

First Name:

Last Name:

Phone(include area code):

E-mail Address:

Club Affiliation (or none):

First Name:

Last Name:

Phone(include area code):

E-mail Address:

Club Affiliation (or none):

6. Report Submitted By

You may remain anonymous if you wish. However, providing your information is vastly helpful to a swift and effective investigation. All reports are kept strictly confidential by Safe Sport Program staff. A person reporting alleged misconduct should not fear any retribution and/or consequence when filing a report he/she believes is true. Retaliation of a report made in good faith is a violation of the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct.

First Name:*

Last Name:*

Phone(include area code):

E-mail Address:*

USA Volleyball Member:


Relationship to victim (if any):*

7. Other Information

Enter any other information that you feel would be helpful to an investigation of the alleged offense you have reported.

Other Information:

SafeSport Training Course

To Register for SafeSport training:

  1. Go to https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/
  2. Log in to your USAV account
  3. In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics
  4. Select SafeSport On-Demand: Two-Season Certification
  5. Complete registration
  6. To access coursework, click on the Log into USAV Academy button

Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the Log into USAV Academy button.

For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit: http://help.usavolleyballacademy.org/.